The Detroit Pistons took the term “rough stretch” to another level with Thursday's 118-112 loss to the New York Knicks. Monty Williams' team put themselves in conversation with one of the most polarizing teams in NBA history as a result.

The loss to the Knicks on the road gave the Pistons a record of 0-15 for November. They are the first team to go without a win in a calendar month since the Philadelphia 76ers did so, also in November, in 2015, per Sportsnet Stats.

Detroit started the 2023 season on a positive note, grabbing two wins in its first three games. But the Pistons haven't secured a victory since beating the Chicago Bulls on October 28th. The loss to the Knicks was Detroit's 16th straight loss, a franchise record.

Perhaps more embarrassingly, they pulled off a feat not seen since “The Process” was fully underway in Philly.

Shades of “The Process” in Detroit

Back in 2015, the 76ers were still undergoing an experimental rebuild under general manager Sam Hinkie. In essence, the team planned to tank for multiple seasons in an effort to accumulate high draft picks and young players on cheap, controllable contracts.

While it ultimately led to the 76ers drafting Joel Embiid in 2014, the whole episode was rather embarrassing for both the Sixers and the NBA. Rebuilds often involve teams doing less than everything they can in free agency and roster building in the immediate with an eye on the future.

Action shot of Sixers' Joel Embiid on fire

But under Hinkie, the 76ers were blatant in not fielding a competitive team for several seasons.

That's the company the Pistons joined on Thursday night. But what's worse is that Philly was trying to lose back in 2015.

Detroit had ambitions to take a step forward in 2023, hoping that Cade Cunningham and Isaiah Stewart were potentially building blocks of a winning team.

Instead, the Pistons' season has already hit a low point with little hope for a turnaround.