The “GOAT” or greatest of all-time debate is one that is constantly weighed in on by many. And for some reason, it's always intriguing to hear who thinks what when the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debate is had. Detroit Pistons rookie and No. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham has entered the chat.

Speaking on Mark Carman's “Da Windy City Podcast,” the Pistons rookie weighed in on his own take when it comes to LBJ vs. MJ.

What's fascinating is that Cunningham feels the need to mention that he's seen all the Jordan “stuff” before ultimately saying he believes LeBron James is the greatest of all-time. It's not surprising to see some of the young up and coming stars lean towards the side of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar in this discussion. They grew up on LeBron, watched LeBron and some model their own game after LeBron.

The hilarious aspect of this will be the responses that come from the Pistons rookie saying this. There is never a calm, rational dialogue had when it comes to the GOAT of basketball. Most either side with Jordan and his career with the Chicago Bulls and can't stand James or side with James and won't even entertain the Jordan discussion. It's one of the most highly debated topics that will never ever have a concrete answer. Because it's all subjective and both played in different era's and those arguing either side paint the stats in their favor.

It's still interesting to see Cunningham take his side and provide context. Who knows, maybe the Pistons drafted someone in Cunningham who will be brought up in the debate a decade or so from now.