Pistons news: Stan Van Gundy speaks out about trades Detroit is looking to make
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Pistons news: Stan Van Gundy speaks out about trades Detroit is looking to make

Stan Van Gundy

The Detroit Pistons aren’t shy about their plans for trade season in the NBA.

Stan Van Gundy, the team’s coach and president of basketball operations, discussed some trade talks that have surfaced in recent days. While spoke rather generally about his and the team’s dealings with other teams, there were some notable statements, per Rod Beard of the Detroit News.

It seems as though the Pistons are going to be major players at this year’s trade deadline. The team is currently 21-18 on the season, which is sixth in the Eastern Conference.

The Pistons are in an interesting spot. Currently, they are a playoff team and look like they will keep that designation for the remainder of the season, provided they don’t fall off too much with Reggie Jackson sidelined six to eight weeks with an ankle injury. Detroit could look to trade for a point guard, but even Van Gundy wasn’t confident that would even be possible.

The difficult thing is the Pistons don’t have many assets. They just traded for Avery Bradley from the Boston Celtics in July of last year. He is a piece that has played very well for Detroit, and it wouldn’t make much sense to move him unless they manage to get a great deal.

Andre Drummond is still on the team, but signed a max contract last year that’s good for five years. There’s no way the Pistons will trade him.

That doesn’t leave much for the Pistons to do, unless they are willing to part with Tobias Harris or Stanley Johnson.

This team seems to have overachieved this season based on its roster, and it’s difficult to see how the Pistons will be able to “supplement” like Van Gundy wants to.