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Pistons news: Tobias Harris gets told he looks like J. Cole twice a day

Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris debunked the theory of him being the same person as rapper J. Cole due to their innate resemblance, but even to this day, the Detroit Pistons forward still gets asked at least twice a day if he is indeed J. Cole.

The Motor City swingman dished on some of this hilarity while playing Agents of Mayhem on the Xbox One console alongside Stephen Nelson of Bleacher Report.

Nelson first read a tweet saying: “J. Cole turns into a basketball player once he puts his glasses on, wanna-be superman.”

The bit had Harris laughing for a bit, which begged the question “how often do you get the J. Cole comparison?”

“In all seriousness, probably like twice a day,” said Harris. “What makes me upset, not even upset, just like ‘anybody ever tell you you look like J.Cole?'”

The 6-foot-9 forward had no problem admitting so.

“It’s pretty apparent that I look like J. Cole, I know I look like J. Cole, you know I look like J. Cole. Why did you ask me if anybody’s ever told me that?”

Harris even shared some info about his time meeting the rapper last season and their first exchange backstage.

“Last summer I actually went to his concert while I was in Long Island,” he said. “I was like ‘yo, do you know people say we look alike?’, he was like ‘oh nah, I don’t really go on social media’ and then he really looks at me for like five seconds and he was like ‘damn! we really do look alike’.”

“We just started laughing from then on.”