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Video: Isiah Thomas calls out Michael Jordan, Horace Grant but claims there’s no grudge

Isiah Thomas, Pistons, Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, Bulls

Isiah Thomas has been making waves over the past couple of days due to the fact that he and the Detroit Pistons were heavily featured in Sunday’s “The Last Dance” episodes.

There has been a lot of talk going around about how the Pistons’ feud with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls from more than three decades ago still remains prevalent to this very day. Thomas has denied this notion, saying the Pistons don’t hold any grudges — as far as he knows, at least. He did call out Jordan and former Bulls teammate Horace Grant on ESPN’s “Jalen & Jacoby,” however, for not telling Thomas to his face the things they said in the docuseries:

“All I know is whenever I’ve seen these guys, personally, upfront with each other, I have never gotten that reaction from Horace grant. never gotten that reaction from Michael Jordan,” Thomas said. They’ve always been nice, pleasant, pleasant, you know that. You know, so it’s easy to talk a lot of stuff on TV behind cameras or radio, but when we face to face, I haven’t got the reaction from you.”

Thomas went on to defend his Pistons by claiming that their defeat to Chicago during the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals is something that they have long put behind them:

“Don’t say that the pistons are walking around holding grudges, and we’re bitter,” he added. “We moved on. We lost. We left the court and we moved on. And we haven’t said anything about the Chicago Bulls since.”

This statement just adds even more intrigue to the Bulls vs. Pistons narrative, and it somehow feels like we’ve traveled back some 30 years in the past, when this rivalry was at its peak. Both sides continue to trade barbs, and it doesn’t look like this beef will be ending any time soon, no matter what Thomas claims.