Primeape, who is a part of the 1st generation of Pokémon, gets a little more love with the introduction of its evolved form of Annihilape. Primeape is now included in the list of older generation Pokémon that gets a new evolution like Magmar, Magneton, and Electabuzz. Read more of this Pokémon SV guide on how to get Annihilape.

Who is Annihilape?

Annihilape, “Rage Monkey” Pokémon, evolves from Primeape with Mankey as its base form. On the Scarlet Pokédex, it shares that “When its anger rose beyond a critical point, this Pokémon gained power that is unfettered by the limits of its physical body”. On the Violet Pokédex, it shares that “It imbues its fists with the power of the rage that it kept hidden in its heart. Opponents struck by these imbued fists will be shattered to their core”.

Where can I find Mankey?

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You can easily catch a Mankey on the west of Cortondo between West Province (Area One) and South Province (Area Two). Mankey also spawns in South Province (Area One) and South Province (Area Five). Check the trees and make sure you're ready to fight as these Pokémon do not run from a fight.

How to get Annihilape?

Evolve your Mankey into a Primeape at level 28. You can use the auto-battle feature to assist you with this task. Take the easier route by simply catching a Primeape at West Province (Area One) and (Area Three).

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After successfully evolving into Primeape, level up to 35 and make sure to learn the Rage Fist move for your Pokémon. If you fail to learn this move, you can simply make it remember the move in the menu.  Your Primeape should use the Rage Fist move 20 times in battle and level it up by 1 to evolve successfully into Annihilape.

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There are a lot of Pokémon that we still need to explore in the region of Paldea. Just like Primeape, there are those that we knew from older generations that do not evolve but are now blessed with one. More Pokémon SV Guides are here on ClutchPoints Gaming so make sure to stay tuned! Best of luck, trainers!