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Pokemon Unite Mamoswine becomes newest Pokemon character

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine

Last September 22, we finally saw the release of Pokemon Unite on mobile platforms. The launch on mobile was also the beginning of Season 2. Naturally, players would be expecting the release of a new Pokemon alongside the start of the new season. With that in mind, Pokemon Unite‘s Mamoswine will exactly be that – the brand new character for the game’s second season.

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Release Date: September 29, 2021

Pokemon Unite‘s Mamoswine will be the first Pokemon to come out in Season 2. Other than a new Pokemon, the update will be featuring some bug fixes and small balance tweaks. Mamoswiene’s License will join the Unite Battle Committee store on September 29. We’re not entirely sure how much the license will cost. It’ll probably cost the usual pricing standards which are 6,000-10,000 Aeos Coins or 345-575 Aeos Gems. 

The Mamoswine update will also include a glitch fix from Crustle’s Unite Move. Sadly, there isn’t any update regarding Lucario’s one-shot kill bug being fixed in the coming update. Aside from those bugs and glitches, players shouldn’t be expecting much change to Pokemon Unite. If there would be a change, it’ll mostly change in lineups and strategies with the addition of Mamoswine. 

The only Pokemon next to Mamoswine that we’re aware that’ll be releasing soon is Sylveon. However, TiMi Studios is still yet to announce when the Fairy-type Eevee evolution will join the fray. Honestly, it comes as a surprise that Mamoswine will be coming out first before Sylveon. The Fairy-type Eevee evolution is undoubtedly more popular which players might tend to use more often. Hopefully, come the next update we’ll finally get to play as Sylveon.