Twitch streamer Pokimane weighed in on the current topic of ASMR and Hot Tub stream meta on Twitch. She cites her fears for the platform's future, thanks to the failure of the company to effectively address issues on Twitch.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys thinks that Twitch currently is a ticking time bomb. She's referring to the current ASMR and Hot Tub stream meta on the platform. Users stretch the legal bounds of Twitch's Terms and Conditions, using its ambiguity to stream near-NSFW content. Pokimane, along with other streamers, feels that Twitch isn't doing enough to combat the growing sexual trend on the platform.

“You’re creating an inevitable time bomb,” Pokimane says on her stream, referring to how Twitch has been handing out bans to NSFW ASMR streamers. She elaborates, saying that Twitch will continue having the same sexual content issue on their platform if they don't effectively address the situation.

Twitch has been criticized for its vague Terms and Conditions, which leads to this borderline NSFW content being allowed on the platform. Technically, ASMR and Hot Tub streams are allowed on the platform, but some users would stretch the definitions of the T&C. They exploit the ambiguity of the T&C to broadcast technically not punishable content. Streamers like Pokimane also criticize Twitch for not being effective in policing content on their platform.

Some ASMR and Hot Tub streamers who have been banned from the platform have spoken out on the verdict handed to them. One example is Amouranth, who claims that criticisms towards her borderline NSFW content on her streams are hypocritical. She argues: if violent video games don't lead to violence in real life, then how can you claim that sexual content can lead to sexual deviancy?

Twitch prohibits both overtly sexual content and gratuitous violence from their platform.