The next installment in the Pro Cycling Manager series releases soon. Developer Cyanide Studios is set for the game to release alongside Tour de France 2023. The series started back in 2001 under the name “Cycling Manager” and didn't add the “pro” moniker until 2005. The game has received new annual installments since.

Pro Cycling Manager 2023 Release Date – June 8th, 2023

The game releases Thursday, June 8th, 2023. It will release one day less than a year since last year's installment (364 days). Unlike Tour de France, Pro Cycling Manager will only be available for PC via Steam. The game will launch one month prior to the Tour de France, which starts on July 1st. Below is a shared trailer for both Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager:

Pro Cycling Manager 2023 is set to release with new features for players to enjoy.


While Tour de France 2023 focuses more on the gameplay of actual cycling, Pro Manager 2023 is for hardcore bike enthusiasts who want to control more of the managerial aspects. During the races you can change team strategies and complete certain objectives, even if it doesn't mean your rider ends up in first.

As a manager you not only oversee the riders and their development, but also staff members for the team, potential sponsors, equipment upgrades, and more. The game offers 260 races and 700 stages to choose from and includes the biggest races of the cycling season. You can partake in the Tour de France, La Vuelta, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and Tour de Romandie among others. 80 teams are available with over 800 professional riders.

In addition to the Tour de France route, the game has improved and added some new features. A new Medium Mountain rating more accurately calculates a cyclists' skill when moving uphill. The AI, sprints, and energy management has also been improved as well. Race endings and mass finishes have been made more realistic. Riders are also now better with how they conserve their energy on races with multiple stages.

A new race page with a search function has been added to make it easier to search for different riders/results. There is now a candidate/selection system too for the World and European Championship races. The World Rankings page has been redesigned as player rankings are now updated weekly.

Visually, the game looks similar to its predecessor, but the lighting and details on the riders and their bikes seem a bit more polished.


Pro Cycling Manager features a career mode where players take the role of a sports director of a cycling team. As mentioned earlier, you have to make decisions regarding management, staff, recruiting, equipment, and the future of your team. Riders can be developed, equipment can be upgraded, and sponsorship deals can be accepted.

Having a good team with solid financial management opens opportunity to get better sponsors, better upgrades, and better rider morale. You also need to keep an eye on the transfer market to sign future riders. Sending scouts out to recruit can earn you good riders from all over the world. You can even hire doctors and trainers who performances can impact your team.

There is also the return of Pro Cyclist Mode, which allows you to create a cyclist, join a team, and manage your career as you jostle your way to the top. New to Pro Cyclist Mode is redesigned training sessions and a new system for adapting to unforeseen events. Training will now be an integral part of your career, but there will be other things to consider. Between physical development, social life, and race prep, Pro Cyclist is more in-depth than it has been before.

Below is a video from Decathlon Gamer showing gameplay for the Pro Cyclist Mode.


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