After sources revealed its arrival, Sony officially announced that Discord voice chat is coming to PlayStation 5 (PS5), alongside VRR support for 1440p resolutions and more via the beta.

In their official blog post, Sony announced that various new features will be coming to the PS5. This includes the much-awaited Discord integration. This has been in the works since 2021, so seeing it finally arrive is good news for players. Alongside the Discord integration is the support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for 1440p resolutions. This lets players enjoy smoother visuals when using compatible HDMI 2.1 displays. They also added various updates to gameplay and personalization options, as well as more accessibility settings. Sadly, only invited beta participants from the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, and France will be able to participate in said beta.

Let's start off with the Discord integration on the PS5. Players can now join Discord voice chats on their consoles. After linking their Discord and PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts, players can then start a voice call. However, they will still need an updated Discord program or app on their PC or phone to start a call. Players who have already linked their Discord and PSN accounts before will have to relink them to grant new permissions. This isn't the only thing that the beta brings in terms of social features. Players can now also share their screen to a friend from their profile. You can even send a request for your friends to share their own screens.

Players can now also join games in Party Chats. If there is a game that they can join, they just need to select Join Game from the menu. You will also be able to see who in your Friends List plays the games you own, as well as if they're playing the game at the moment. Players will also be able to manually upload their game captures to the PlayStation App, letting them share the game captures and social media.

The VRR support for 1440p resolutions is the first of many new gameplay and personalization options. Players can now also sort and filter games when adding them to a gamelist. There is now also a filter that lets players find PSVR and PS VR2 titles. Finally, players can also set preferences for managing who can join their multiplayer sessions, as well as who can invite other players. This is only for supported games.

Moving on, players can now easily migrate saved date from their PS4 to their PS5. When a player installs a PS4 game on their PS5, and a save file for the game exists in the PSN cloud storage, players can immediately download said save file. Speaking of migration, players can now also transfer data from one PS5 to another. This includes games, saved data, user profiles, settings, screenshots, and videos. Players can use either a local Wi-Fi network or a LAN cable to start the data transfer. You can do this at any time, either during the initial set-up, or any time after.

They also made improvements to the screen reader, giving more detailed guidance. For example, it can tell the player in which directions they can move in, as well as their current position if there are multiple items. There is also a visual update when viewing web pages, where it will now show which sections are being read aloud. Additionally, players can now also update their DualSense Wireless Controllers wirelessly. Players, of course, can still update their controllers using a wire.

Finally, beta testers in the U.S. and the U.K. have a preview of using voice commands for game capture on their PS5.

  • Hey PlayStation, capture that: saves a clip of recent gameplay. Duration is based on settings
    • Players can specify an exact duration, ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Hey PlayStation, start recording: starts a new gameplay recording.
  • Hey PlayStation, stop recording: ends current gameplay recording

That's all the information we have about the PS5 beta which has Discord voice chat, VRR support for 1440p monitors, and more. If existing information is to be believed, this update will leave Beta and become available for everyone on March 8, 2023.

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