PSG star Kylian Mbappe has come under fire from former West Ham United player Paolo Di Canio, who criticized the French forward for his lack of ethics and respect towards PSG, reported by Mbappe recently informed the club of his intention to leave for free when his contract expires in 2024 and made critical comments about the club, its recent signings, and the French league in an interview with France Football.

Di Canio, speaking to Sky Sports Italia, expressed his discontent with both PSG and Mbappe for their role in the current situation. He blamed the Parisians for pampering the young player and allowing him to become a global brand. Di Canio referred to Mbappe's actions as indecent, citing his desire to play one more year before leaving as a free agent to join Real Madrid and earn a lucrative contract.

PSG's sporting director, Leonardo, is also displeased with Kylian Mbappe's behavior and wants the player to leave the club as soon as possible. Additionally, six PSG players, including two new signings, have reportedly taken offense to Mbappe's comments and have lodged complaints with the club.

While Mbappe aims to depart PSG in 2024, the club is desperate to secure a one-year contract extension with him. Losing a player of Mbappe's caliber for free would have significant financial implications for PSG.

The controversy surrounding Kylian Mbappe's statements and intentions has drawn attention from football fans and pundits alike. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how PSG will handle the matter and whether Mbappe's relationship with the club can be repaired.