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R6 Extraction New Trailer: Gameplay trailer showcases systems, operators, and more

R6 Extraction Gameplay Trailer, R6 Extraction new trailer

Rainbow Six Extraction has been in development for years, with multiple delays. It’s been in development for so long that fans didn’t really expect to see the game to come out anymore. Therefore, new gameplay trailers like this R6 Extraction new trailer helps alleviate fears of fans. The game is alive, and developers are making great progress in its making. Watch the R6 Extraction new gameplay trailer below.

WATCH: R6 Extraction New Trailer: August 23 Gameplay Trailer

The new gameplay trailer showcased a lot of new content in R6 Extraction that we haven’t seen before. There has been a lot of new content revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 2021 presentation, but we’re just getting even more now. The new trailer tells us that there will be:

“18 Operators, 12 Ever-Evolving Maps, 13 High-Stakes Missions, 25 Gadgets, 69 Weapons, 13 Enemy Archetypes, Deep Progression System, New Lore, 3-Player Co-Op, Solo Play, Full Cross-Play, Endless Replayability.”

That’s a lot of cool things that we’re really looking forward to. It’s good to know that solo play is actually something we could look forward to in this game, as we haven’t had a single-player Rainbow Six game in a long while. Full Cross-play should be a given, but it’s surprising just how many games launch nowadays without this functionality. It’s good to know that R6 Extraction will have this at launch. Of course, “endless replayability” is a tall order, but we’re ready to see what R6 Extraction has to offer.