Josh Jacobs is back in Las Vegas! After a small disagreement threatened to turn into a holdout, the Las Vegas Raiders running back decided to rejoin his team. Jacobs now will be part of an offense that has the potential to be a threat in the AFC. How has Jacobs fared in his return to the team? Fellow RB Brandon Bolden had an encouraging update on the Raiders RB's return, per SI.

“He looked like eight. Well, I mean he looks like 28, but he looks like eight. He's the same old Josh. He was away from football, he missed it, we missed him, but we're back to work and having him out there today, that was big for everybody; everybody out there, including him.”

Bolden also revealed that he, along with many of his Raiders teammates, reached out to Jacobs during his holdout. They had reached out to the star running back up until he decided to return to the team.

“Oh yeah, everybody. We talked to Josh [Jacobs] the entire time. From the time to found out what was going on until he finally said, ‘Hey, I'll see y'all tomorrow.' We were all in contact with him the whole time, wishing him nothing but the best. He came back healthy ready to work, and we came back ready to work with him.”

Jacobs, along with Tony Pollard and Saquon Barkley, were a part of a trio of running backs that were handed the franchise tag during the offseason. Jacobs went down the same path Barkley took, eventually. He and the Raiders agreed to a reworked deal that paid the running back a slightly higher salary. It's definitely a bit lower than what the RB would like, but it's better than nothing, I suppose.

The Raiders are looking to bounce back after a royally disappointing 2022 season. After bringing in coach Josh McDaniels and WR Davante Adams, everyone was looking forward to see how the team would fare in the season. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly for some), the team struggled mightily. They consistently blew double-digit leads and failed to find some semblance of consistency during the season. Will this season be different?