Derek Carr is currently preparing to begin a new chapter of his career with the New Orleans Saints. Despite an ugly ending to his time with the Las Vegas Raiders, however, Carr recently made an eye-opening admission about watching his former team's games.

“When we played the Chiefs this past Sunday, I got home, my kids had the Raider game on,” Derek Carr said during a press conference, via the Saints website. “I'm watching my guys, they are like cheering for Daniel when he's going up there to kick. My daughter, the other day, was running around on the Saints field and she said, ‘touchdown, Raiders!' I was like… ‘not anymore, not anymore.'

“Those are my friends. I have no hard feelings… I've got no hard feelings towards any of my guys. I want those guys to succeed because I know when you don't succeed it's tough… I don't want that for my friends.”

Derek Carr still rooting for “friends” on Raiders

The Raiders decided to go in a different direction at quarterback following a difficult 2022 season. Jimmy Garoppolo is now Las Vegas' QB1 while Carr is set to take over quarterback duties in New Orleans.

However, as Carr mentioned, he's still rooting for his “friends” in Las Vegas. Fans sometimes forget about the human element of the game. Carr's comments do not mean he's not all in for the Saints. He still surely wants New Orleans to win at all costs.

In the end, though, players develop relationships over the years and want the best for their teammates and ex-teammates who they grow close to.