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Raiders coach Jon Gruden once called Antonio Brown ‘hardest working player’ he’s ever seen

Jon Gruden, Antonio Brown, Raiders

There have been a lot of rumors connecting the Oakland Raiders to Antonio Brown and it appears that Jon Gruden has thought highly of him for a while. Brown has fallen out of graces with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization because of some of his antics, but before the Raiders played the Steelers last season, Gruden called Brown the hardest working player he’s ever seen.

“The greatest thing about this man is, I’ve told all our receivers: If you get a chance to watch him practice, you’ll see what unlocks the greatness in him. He’s the hardest working man, I think, in football,” Gruden said via Raiders.com. “Hardest working player I’ve ever seen practice, and I’ve seen Jerry Rice, I’ve seen a lot of good ones. But I put Antonio Brown at the top. And if there’s any young wideouts out there, I’d go watch him practice and you’ll see for yourself why he’s such a good player.”

Those are pretty high comments from Gruden saying that he thinks Brown is a harder worker than Rice. Gruden’s comments on Brown are a lot different than the stories that have been coming out of Pittsburgh this offseason, but if Gruden still believes this, he has a chance to get his hands on him.

There is always a chance after talking to people around the league Gruden has changed his stance on Brown, but at least at one point it appears that Brown was the type of player that he would like on his team.

Rumors are swirling that a decision will be made by Friday on where Brown will be traded, so this should be wrapped up pretty soon.