Raiders news: Las Vegas hoping practice facility operational for offseason
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Raiders hoping new practice facility is operational for offseason training

Mike Mayock, Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are relocating to a new stadium in 2020 and that means the team will have a new venue for practices next season, too. Just a few months before offseason activities begin, Las Vegas is hoping that their new practice facility is operational for offseason training.

“We want to make sure their showers are on, we can watch film and everything is ready to go,” General Manager Mike Mayock said, via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Not too long ago, it was reported that the Raiders’ practice facility is still being built and has an estimated completion in June. As a result, Las Vegas wants the facility to be completed in time for their June minicamp.

Similar to other teams that have relocated in recent years, the Raiders want to get acclimated to their new facilities as soon as possible. Mike Mayock, the general manager of the Raiders, believes it is important to allow the players to get adjusted to the new setting.

“I don’t really want the players walking around like this ‘Wow, this is cool,’ while we’re getting ready for Week One,” Mayock said. “I want to get all the shock and awe out of there. Get them used to it. Know where their meetings are, where everything is in the building. And when we get back from training camp, it’s ‘Let’s go to work.’”

Despite moving to Las Vegas, the Raiders plan on having their training camp held in California. Barring any setbacks in the building process, Las Vegas intends to hold their other offseason activities in their new home. It remains to be seen if the Raiders have their wish granted.