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Las Vegas relocation not without awkward moments


The Las Vegas Raiders will be playing in a new, transcendent stadium in 2020 but the relocation won’t be seamless. As the NFL prepares to promote the venue, the process to display the Raiders’ relocation isn’t going to be anything short of awkward.

Of course, Las Vegas is renowned for gambling, casinos, and sports betting. On the other hand, the NFL still isn’t accepting of sports betting and doesn’t want the Raiders to associate themselves with it.

Therefore, the advertisements shown on NFL broadcasts to promote Las Vegas aren’t able to show any form of sports betting. However, the advertisements can exhibit the strip, the notable hotels, and people playing blackjack. But it’s a no-no to show anything that could imply the NFL is in support of sports betting.

The situation is getting peculiar to the point where strip clubs near the stadium have a cloudy future. Why is the surrounding area of the stadium just now being considered three years after the idea was first originated?

Just as expected, it appears that the Raiders are running into issues amid their move to Las Vegas. In recent years, sports gambling has become legalized gradually by a number of states. As a matter of fact, there are currently 18 states that have legalized sports betting.

When the Raiders formed the idea of moving to Las Vegas, the NFL didn’t see the issues pertaining to Sin City. But ahead of the team moving to the new stadium, the NFL is now realizing the hurdles that the league needs to make to make Las Vegas a football sanctuary.