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Rumor: Earl Thomas’ ‘come get me’ remark to Mark Davis meant as joke

Earl Thomas, Seahawks

Some Raiders fans may have gotten their hopes up after a report came out yesterday saying Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas went up to Raiders owner Mark Davis in Las Vegas and told him to come get him. But that account is apparently not completely accurate.

According to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal in response to the original report, Thomas’ “come get me” plea to Davis was more of a playful response to a question about his holdout and not meant to be serious:

Person familiar with conversation had different account. Earl Thomas, Mark Davis recently exchanged pleasantries in Las Vegas. Someone asked Thomas if holding out. Thomas responded in jest: “Why? You guys coming to get me?” Regardless, Raiders an unlikely fit for his services.

It’s easy to see why Thomas words could be misinterpreted considering his situation. With the Seahawks seemingly unwilling to give him a contract extension, there’s a chance Thomas might just be eager to jump ship to any team that’s willing to pay him. Thomas has already issued a similar plea to the Dallas Cowboys in the past, so it’s possible he could’ve done it again.

There’s no way of knowing for sure which of the two accounts is actually accurate without a more thorough investigation. But even if Thomas really did tell Davis to get him, it remains to be seen if the Raiders grant his wish and pay the Seahawks’ steep price in order to get him.