Rampage Jackson has been very consistent with one thing since 2011: calling out Jon Jones for his dirty tactics. After ten years since their fight, Jackson called out Jon Jones again.

Jackson had a problem with two things in particular when it came to fighting Jon Jones, the oblique kick and the eye pokes. Both have been a trademark for Jones as he has implemented oblique kicks in his game plans and has always had an issue with eye pokes.

Back in 2013, Rampage Jackson told ESPN that the kick should be illegal. A subject that was brought up recently after an oblique kick won Khalil Rountree his fight.

“It should be called the illegal kick,” Rampage told ESPN. “It should be banned and it shows a lot about the fighter’s character that he would throw it. How would he like it if somebody threw it at him and stopped him working for a year?”

The subject was brought up again recently when Rampage Jackson appeared on the ‘Calabasas Fight Companion' show on YouTube. He went on to explain why Jones was a dirty fighter and added that the rules were ‘changed' because of Jones.

“He’s the dirtiest fighter, too. They had to change the rules because of him,” Rampage said. “When I fought him, whenever I was, like, have any type of advantage, he would put his fingers in my eye. Your eyeball is your weakest thing in your body, right? So when I was fighting him, he was like this (outstretched arm and fingers) the whole time. It’s hard to train for this, too.

“He’d poke me in the eye, and then when you come in and advance, he’d kick your knee backwards. They should make that illegal. It was really hard fighting him. If anybody got any advantage on him, he was gonna kick your knee backwards, keep you away and he’s gonna figure that out.”

Rampage is currently rumored to be boxing Shannon Briggs as part of the recent trend of MMA fighters transitioning into boxing.