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Rams DE Dante Fowler Jr. claims he received unsportsmanlike conduct flag for saying a call was ‘terrible’

Dante Fowler Jr, Rams

Dante Fowler Jr. did a lot of good for the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks but he also did some bad, including a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty that continued a drive for the Seahawks and turned into a touchdown.

There were a lot of questions about what was said to get that penalty called, and according to Fowler he didn’t say much only telling the referee that he thought the call was terrible.

“Tempers were kind of flaring. I guess the referees, their tempers flared, too. It’s just the heat of the moment thing. At the end of the day, I just can’t put the team in those types of situations in a close game like that,” Fowler said via The Rams Wire. “I told him that it felt like we were getting held a lot and we weren’t getting the calls. I’m a respectful young man. I never called him by his name or anything. I told him, ‘that was a terrible call.’ ‘Terrible’ was the bad word that I got the flag thrown on me for. That’s just when I knew I can’t do that. I can’t put my team in those positions or predicaments. The thing that I learned today: Don’t talk to the referees.”

Sean McVay decided not to put him in the doghouse and it paid off big when Fowler forced a fumble that sealed the game for the Rams.

It’s only been a few weeks that Fowler has been with the Rams, but the impact he is making is already being felt, and he is going to continue to need to play a big role in the Rams defense as they try to make their run for a Super Bowl title.