Defending a Super Bowl title is not an easy task. There's a good reason why only seven teams in league history have gone back-to-back as champions: there are many factors at play. A significantly harder schedule, greater injury risk AND ramifications for said injuries, and other factors make it ridiculously hard to defend the Super Bowl. Despite that, though, Matthew Stafford believes that the Los Angeles Rams can do it.

In a recent interview, Stafford detailed why he's confident that he can go beyond what the Rams achieved last season. He cited his comfort level with the offense, saying he has a better grasp of McVay's system than he did a year ago. (via

“At this point in the year last season, I think to myself what I knew about this team and this offense, and it's just so small in comparison to what I know and understand now,” Stafford said, via the team's website's Stu Jackson. “So that gives me great comfort in the fact that we can go above and beyond what we did last year.”

Stafford arrived last season in Los Angeles as part of a blockbuster trade with the Detroit Lions. No one had particularly high expectations for Stafford, especially after his lackluster years in Detroit. Despite that, though, Stafford shone for the team, orchestrating a devastating offense filled to the brim with talent.

The Rams have a huge target painted on their backs next season. Teams will go all-out to try and stop them from repeating as champions. With a full year under his belt, though, Stafford is ready to pilot the feared McVay offense to greater heights.