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Rams Uncensored Ep. 18: #WeNotKnee with USA Today Rams Wire’s Cameron DaSilva

Todd Gurley, Rams

Mark Lujan, Matt Herrera, Brian Joanou and Tommy Avants are up to their usual shenanigans on this episode of Rams Uncensored. First, Brian and Tommy start the episode solo, where they interview USA Today Rams Wire managing editor Cameron DaSilva.

Cameron joins the show for the first time where he shares his story on how he ended up covering the Rams for USA Today. Brian and Tommy ask Cameron for his take on the Rams’ Twitter drama. Cameron gives his perspective of Todd Gurley’s knee and the Rams’ choice to draft Darrell Henderson. He also shares his thoughts on the Rams getting back to the Super Bowl. Cameron feels the defensive backs group has improved, but the success of this team leans on the offensive line, which has a lot to prove.

Finally, all the guys are back together to engage with the Rams twitter community. In one of the greater developments across the past few episodes, Brian – in the ultimate game of cat and mouse – finally finagled Hector Mariscal to be the show and it does not fail to deliver. There is always, of course, the segment where Brian leaves a voicemail for RamsDFS. Listen to it all here on this episode of Rams Uncensored.

Check out Ep. 18 of Rams’ Uncensored:

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