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Rams rookie Darrell Henderson shows his speed on 26-yard catch

Darrell Henderson, Rams

The Los Angeles Rams traded up in the third-round of the 2019 NFL Draft to select running back Darrell Henderson. For a lot of people, this meant that Todd Gurley’s injury was clearly serious. However, there’s another glaring reason why they might have done this.

Darrell Henderson is really good.

In College at Memphis, Henderson was an absolute menace and was constantly churning out big plays that looked like they came straight out of a video game.

Now in just his second preseason game, he’s making big plays in the NFL.

So far, Darrell Henderson’s struggled a little bit on the ground. In the first preseason game for Los Angeles, Henderson picked up just 13 yards on six carries (and one reception for -5 yards).

At the half in game 2, he has just 16 yards on six carries – hardly any better. However, he’s found a way to be productive and show that ridiculous explosiveness in the passing game. He leads the team with six receptions and has a solid 38 yards off of them.

Yes, 26 of those yards came off one play – but it shows how quickly he can change things for an offense.

The Rams had a 3rd-and-5 and were at their own 25. Things weren’t exactly going in their favor. Suddenly though, Henderson got them a first down and past midfield. He did so by absolutely blowing by Jaylen Smith and turning on the jets.

Darrell Henderson brings a lot of excitement to the table. If Gurley does have an injury issue, Henderson could be a perfect fill-in. If Gurley’s fine, Henderson will be an amazing backup and someone that can take carries away from him to keep pressure off the superstar.

Either way, Darrell Henderson will have a solid role in the Los Angeles Rams offense for a long time. Plays like this show exactly why that’s the case.