The Texas Rangers are getting some very bad news. Rangers pitcher Brock Burke is headed to the injured list, per Burke hurt his hand after punching a wall following a bad outing for the team.

Burke punched the wall in frustration on Friday during a game against the Houston Astros, per the Associated Press. He appears to have broken his hand due to the incident. It was his non-throwing hand. The Rangers are now moving Austin Pruitt up from triple-A Round Rock to the team to take Burke's place on the roster.

“We want our guys, our athletes to be competitive and hate to lose, but with that passion there’s a fine edge, and when you cross that line there’s going to be consequences,” Rangers manager Bruce Bochy said, per the Associated Press. “And we just saw what happened there. You love the fact that he was upset with not helping the club last night … but it just wasn’t a smart move.”

Burke's outing

Texas Rangers relief pitcher Brock Burke (46) throws a pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ninth inning at Tropicana Field.
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Burke struggled for the Rangers on Friday against the Astros. The hurler gave up four earned runs on three hits, during the seventh inning of Friday's game. The Rangers actually went on to win, 12-8. It was the second consecutive rough outing for the reliever. He had given up three hits and an earned run against the Astros on April 8.

Burke is struggling this season. He has a 15.00 earned run average this campaign in five appearances for the club. He's totaled three innings of work for the Rangers, who have a 8-6 mark on the year.

It is understandable for a pitcher to get frustrated, but it is unfortunate to see a significant injury come from sheer frustration like punching a wall. The Rangers had hoped to get several innings of work from Burke in relief this season, as the team tries to march back to the Major League Baseball playoffs. The team won the 2023 World Series, for the first time in franchise history.

“Obviously he regrets it,” Bochy added. “Sometimes you don’t have time to think about what the consequences may be. You’re just that upset and that frustrated. That’s the passion to do well (and) hate to lose. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it.”

In his career, Burke has a 12-10 record, with appearances in 116 games. He has pitched for 171 plus innings, with 161 career strikeouts. The pitcher has also posted a career 3.88 earned run average in his career. He has pitched for the Rangers since he entered the MLB in 2019.

The Rangers play the Houston Astros again on Saturday. The first pitch is scheduled for 4:05 Eastern. The Astros are 4-11 on the year.