Given that WWE wrestlers are often on the road traveling from one city to another, it’s certainly a demanding work schedule. And with wrestlers often traveling together, it’s not a surprise that some of them may fall in love with each other. For this piece, let’s rank the 10 greatest wrestling couples.

10. Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

While Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are still finding their footing in the main roster, both of them made their mark during their time at NXT. Gargano would go on to become the first NXT triple crown champion while his wife LeRae was an NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion. Given their background in NXT, it might not take long before they establish themselves in the main roster.

9. The Miz & Maryse

The Miz & Maryse have been married since 2014. However, it’s only recently that the two are appearing together more often in WWE programming with Maryse serving as her husband’s manager. But back in the day, Maryse was one of the best heels in the Divas division, winning the Divas Championship twice. On the other hand, The Miz has carved out a decorated WWE run to become the first two-time Grand Slam Champion. Furthermore, his skills on the mic are only matched by a few. Given their accomplishments in WWE, the couple has done enough to become must-see TV.

8. Jimmy Uso & Naomi

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Jimmy Uso has pretty much made a living in the WWE by dominating the Tag Team division alongside his brother Jey. Known as The Usos, they are eight-time Tag Team Champions and currently hold the record for longest reigning Tag Team Champions. On the other hand, Naomi used to run with The Funkadactyls. However, her solo run has proved to be more successful by winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship twice.

7. Brock Lesnar & Sable

Because Brock Lesnar and Sable were hardly seen in WWE programming together, they are often overlooked as a couple. While they are happily married off the screens, Lesnar and Sable are accomplished wrestlers individually. Sable once defeated Hall of Famer Jacqueline to become a Women’s Champion. On the other hand, Brock Lesnar is a 10-time World Champion. Furthermore, he was also responsible for ending The Undertaker’s legendary Wrestlemania streak.

6. The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

Like Lesnar and Sable, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool hardly did any WWE programming together. Nevertheless, both of them were the top wrestlers in their respective divisions. Back before the Women’s Revolution, it was Michelle McCool who headlined the WWE Divas. She is a two-time Women’s Champion and two-time Divas Champion, including one reign as the inaugural champion of the belt. On the other hand, fans simply know how legendary The Undertaker was as a supernatural wrestler with seven reigns as World Champion.

5. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

As the man behind the YES movement, Daniel Bryan established himself as one of the best underdog wrestlers in the WWE. He is a Triple Crown Champion and held the World Title four times. His real-life wife, Brie Bella was also an accomplished wrestler. Initially working with the Bella Twins with her sister Nikki, Brie carved out a solid individual run of her own having reigned once as the Divas Champion.

4. CM Punk & AJ Lee

While CM Punk’s controversial exit has often overshadowed the couple’s reputation in the company, it doesn’t take away what they’ve achieved in WWE’s squared circle. Back in the day, AJ Lee reigned supreme over the Divas division. She held the Divas Championship thrice with a combined reign of 406 days to set the record. On the other hand, Punk is a Triple Crown Champion that often wrestled in the main event scene.

3. Edge & Beth Phoenix

Edge and Beth Phoenix are world-class wrestlers in their own right. Whether as a tag team or an individual competitor, Edge often found a way to emerge victorious against his opposition. As the ultimate opportunist, Edge won a total of 31 championships in the WWE to become one of the company’s most established wrestlers. On the other hand, his wife Beth Phoenix is also a champion herself. The Glamazone terrorized the Divas division back in the days, winning the Divas Championship once and the Women's Championship thrice. As of late, Edge and Beth Phoenix have been working together in mixed tag team matches.

2. Seth “Freaking” Rollins & Becky Lynch

Seth “Freaking” Rollins and Becky Lynch are two of the best wrestlers in the WWE today. But while they have yet to really work together, both are focused on their individual wrestling pursuits. Rollins initially established himself in the main roster by dominating with The Shield before going on a solo run that saw him become a Triple Crown Champion and a two-time Grand Slam Champion. While Rollins has collected a bevy of championship hardware, his wife Becky Lynch is a dominant figure in the women’s division. As one of the key figures in the Women’s Revolution, Lynch has won the Raw Women’s Championship twice and the Smackdown Women’s Championship four times including becoming the first woman to hold both belts at the same time.

1. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon technically run the WWE on and off the screens. As a result, they are undoubtedly the best couple in the WWE. Although Triple H and Stephanie have had their differences early on in WWE’s programming, the two eventually ended up together in WWE and off the television. On top of running the WWE, Triple H and Stephanie were champions themselves. Stephanie was a one time Women’s Champion while her husband Triple H is one of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE with 14 World Title reigns.