The Toronto Raptors won their first-ever NBA championship last season and what made it more impressive was the fact that they did it against the three-peat seeking Golden State Warriors. The Raptors beat the Dubs in six games, behind the historic performance of Kawhi Leonard. However, Danny Green, who played a key role in Toronto's playoff run, admitted that winning the championship was more than just the fact that they were a really good team.

In a conference call with reporters last week, Green said that luck and timing played a huge part in the Raptors' championship win.

”A lot of things had to happen, and a good amount of it was luck. We got lucky with a lot of things, but the timing of it, getting the pieces we got even at the deadline like Marc Gasol, staying healthy and other teams not being healthy.”

The veteran forward wasn't wrong, as the Warriors came into the Finals banged up. They were without two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant through the first four games of the series, and when KD returned in Game 5, he tore his Achilles. Klay Thompson also suffered a torn ACL in Game 6. Moreover, guys like DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Iguorala, and Kevon Looney all played through injuries.

The Raptors obviously capitalized on that.

Still, Green believes that even if the Warriors came into the Finals at full strength, the Raptors still had a great chance of beating them.

“Obviously we still had faith and belief that we were one of the best teams out there and we could beat them if they were healthy, but things kind of fell in line for us. It was just our time, it seemed like, but a lot things had to go right in order for us to win a championship, and it started off with us getting the pieces and staying healthy.”

Well, we will never know how good the Raptors would've been against a healthy Warriors team, as both of them have lost really valuable pieces in free agency. Durant is now with the Brooklyn Nets and Leonard is now with the Los Angeles Clippers. Green himself has also joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

So all fans could do now is debate and discuss, because the rematch will never happen.