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Raptors HC Dwane Casey says he did not get out-coached by Cavs’ Tyronn Lue

Dwane Casey Tyronn Lue

There are plenty of details for Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey to mull over throughout the summer as he tries to piece together exactly what happened to his team this postseason as it ended in disastrous results.

Wednesday afternoon brought the coach’s exit interview. He answered questions from reporters and gave his thoughts about what he has been able to process from many areas such as coaching tactics, the season’s successes as well as what the future holds.

While Casey did acknowledge that some of his strategies did not work in trying to neutralize the onslaught of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers—leading to a 4-0 sweep of the team—he stopped short of blaming the inability to piece together a single win all on coaching.

“Out coached? I would say I don’t think that’s, I think we made a lot of adjustments. Matter of fact, we were criticized for the adjustment we tried to make. Some adjustments you make and don’t work out, and some you make and do work out. The speed and quickness, you wish you could make a substitution that way, those are things hopefully we all get better at.”

Casey continues as he seems to have a feel for what he needs to do the very next game without revealing any details from a coaching perspective.

“To get out-coached, I don’t think we were out-coached. 23 has a lot to do with it, to making the adjustments to how we play him. I thought we had a sound gameplan in each game. There’s adjustments you look back and wish you could have made in certain situations, I know some of the obvious ones are there. But there’s always things you can look at and say oh I could have done it here, but that’s in every game. Every coach goes through that. I’m sure Ty Lue did all that.”

Looking back, this is the most talented Raptors team under Casey’s tenure and probably the most well-coached, but it failed defensively when it mattered most, and some of the blame starts at the top before it starts to trickle down.

“It’s part of the business. I take it. I’m a big boy. I’ve been through it. I know where we started here, I know what we’ve accomplished, I know the basketball world how they feel about us and respect us and what we’re doing, so it’s part of the territory. I take it. I accept it. I’m not running from it.”

So far, Casey’s job is safe and management has not indicated if they want to end the relationship just yet.