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Fred VanVleet’s perfect take on Raptors’ season after near upset of Clippers

Fred VanVleet, Raptors, Clippers

It hasn’t been the best season for the Toronto Raptors. Yet they recently proved that they can go toe-to-toe with some of the league’s titans by nearly upsetting the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday. But instead of feeling good about himself and his squad, guard Fred VanVleet had an interesting take on the Raptors’ campaign.

Per Josh Lewenberg of TSN, VanVleet believes the Raptors are the “best worst team” in NBA history. Aware that his comment might get blown out of proportion, FVV backpedaled, pointing out that he was just fooling around.

“It was a joke so let’s not run with that one. I’m sure you guys will make a meme or that quote will be on someone’s Instagram page or some s*** like that.”

VanVleet and company kept it close against the Clippers, showing they still have their championship mettle. As a matter of fact, the Clippers found themselves trailing for most of the first half. It was only in the second half that they were able to figure out how to stop and score against the Raptors.

The Raptors still have a chance to make it to the NBA Playoffs via the play-in tournament. They hold the 11th spot in the Eastern Conference and are three and a half games behind the Washington Wizards. The mission still remains: Win as many games as possible. However, they would have to pray that the Wizards also lose most of theirs. That’s the “best worst” scenario, Mr. VanVleet.

Given their rough season, many expect the Raptors to make significant tweaks in the offseason. There are no guarantees if the likes of Fred VanVleet or Kyle Lowry or Pascal Siakam will continue to don the Raptors jersey. Despite this, best believe fans are grateful for what the team has achieved.