Marc Gasol recently won an NBA championship as a key part of the Toronto Raptors run to the title. Gasol was obtained midway through the season from the Memphis Grizzlies as part of a wild trade deadline that saw multiple big names get sent to other teams. Of course, not all players involved in deadline deals won NBA championships, but Gasol was one of the lucky ones. The Raptors center, notably, was not the first member of his family to win an NBA Championship. His brother Pau Gasol won two rings with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant.

In a recent Q&A with Marc Stein of the New York Times, Gasol claims that despite his brother Pau having more rings, Marc celebrated as if he’d won five championships. Gasol continued:

“I didn’t know that I cared that much [about winning a ring] — that it fulfilled me in a way that I didn’t know it could. Instantly you gain so much respect for everyone who has done this,” Gasol told Stein.

“Golden State, going to five straight finals and the rings that they have, I just instantly got so much respect for them. And LeBron going to eight finals in a row. Just doing it once put me beyond the limits I thought I had — physically and mentally. It was great to see, for myself, pushing those limits and leaving everything out there. It was awesome.”

Clearly, the Finals victory has done much for Gasol’s legacy, and he definitely knew how to celebrate such an iconic win.