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Dez Bryant doesn’t regret passing up on Ravens’ offer

Dez Bryant

Wide receiver Dez Bryant remains without a new team over a month after he was released by the Dallas Cowboys. Former teammate and new Monday Night Football analyst Jason Witten has touted the Green Bay Packers as a potential destination for Dez, but that appears unlikely at this time.

Bryant’s search for a new team could’ve been over a few weeks ago had he accepted the contract offer from the Baltimore Ravens, which was reportedly worth $7 million per year. One fan asked aloud on Twitter whether Bryant regrets taking that offer from the Ravens given the apparent lack of other offers on the table. Dez himself responded:

Nope not 1 bit and very appreciative for the offer

Bryant also answered another tweet asking whether he was considering retiring and exactly why he still hasn’t signed on with any team:

No I’m not retiring.. for the record me not being signed to a team yet has a lot to do with my personal decisions.

In both tweets, Bryant also took a shot at the “media” for how they’ve covered his search for a new team.

There’s likely a shred of truth to Bryant still not being signed due to “personal decisions.” He reportedly wants a one-year deal likely worth upwards of eight figures. However, there don’t appear to be any teams willing to pay him anywhere close to that amount, and he likely doesn’t want to take those offers that fall well short of his valuation of himself.

It will be interesting to see whether there will actually be any team that puts forth a deal that Bryant thinks he deserves. If not, then Bryant could very well end up regretting his decision to turn down the Ravens after all — if he doesn’t secretly regret it already.