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Report: Ravens’ offer for Dez Bryant was worth $7 million per year

Dez Bryant, Cowboys

Wide receiver Dez Bryant remains on the free-agent market after he was released by the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant did have a concrete multi-year offer from the Baltimore Ravens, but he turned it down.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter (per Pat Doney of NBC5), the Ravens’ offer that Dez rejected was for $7 million per year, which is apparently significantly more than what other teams are willing to pay him.

Schefter also notes that the other three teams from the NFC East – which Bryant has said he would prefer to land in – are still not interested in his services.

That $7 million per year offer was what the Ravens handed to veteran receiver Michael Crabtree when he signed with Baltimore upon his release from the Oakland Raiders. It was also similar to what they gave free agent Ryan Grant prior to voiding the deal due to a failed physical. By dismissing that deal, it seems as if Bryant doesn’t quite see himself at the level of Crabtree and Grant.

After Bryant turned the deal down, the Ravens quickly turned around and handed Willie Snead a two-year deal for $7 million.

Bryant reportedly wants to sign a big one-year deal closer to his previous salary of well over $10 million when he was with the Cowboys as opposed to a multi-year deal. But with teams like the Buffalo Bills seemingly not interested in him and other teams unwilling to give him what he thinks he’s worth, it’s curious to see exactly where Dez ends up playing next season.

Either Bryant sucks up his pride and accepts a deal significantly lower than his asking price or he might end up waiting for a deal that will never come close to what the Ravens offered.