The Tampa Bay Rays are running all over the American League this season. Fueled by their incredible start to the year, the team has not looked back since that magical 13-game winning streak. Unfortunately, Tampa might be running into a contending team's worst nightmare: injuries. Wander Franco suffered an injury during the Rays' doubleheader against the Boston Red Sox.

Franco has an extensive history of injuries during his time with the Rays. Naturally, fans are worried about the star shortstop's healthy. The good news is that Franco didn't seem to suffer a serious injury. However, the shortstop is still expecting to miss some time to recover from his injury, per Mark Topkin.

“#Rays Franco said left hamstring grabbed him on the 7th inning double in Game 1, which is why he ran cautiously to 3B. Said he will rest again today and get treatment, and hopes to return to lineup Monday.”

Franco has been one of the best players, not only for the Rays, but in the entire American League. He's hitting above .300 this season with a .860 OPS and seven homers. He's also stolen 29 bases this year, adding more firepower to a Tampa team that is brimming with hitters that can drive in runs with ease. Franco is hoping that he'll be able to return to the team sooner.

The Rays still sit on top of the AL East, but their seat is getting warmer by the day. The Baltimore Orioles are just 3.5 games behind them, and are a threat to close the gap if Tampa Bay gets caught slipping. The New York Yankees are a little farther away at six games, but the threat of New York's many bombers won't make many fans comfortable. The Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays are also possible candidates to ruin their lives at some point during the season.

The Rays finish off their series against the Red Sox today, presumably without Wander Franco. Tampa should have enough firepower to take on Boston, but you never know in the AL East. Can this team survive without one of their best hitters and defenders in the lineup?