Real Madrid has wasted no time in responding to the recent referee bribery accusations made by former police commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo, reported by GOAL. Villarejo claimed in an interview with Spanish publication RAC 1 that the Los Blancos president Florentino Perez paid off match officials, sparking controversy and speculation.

In response, Real Madrid released an official statement, confirming that Perez has taken legal action against Villarejo for his “false accusations.” The statement emphasized Perez's swift reaction, highlighting the club's commitment to addressing the matter promptly and decisively.

“The president of Real Madrid C.F., Florentino Perez, has ordered the immediate filing of the corresponding legal action against the ex-commissioner Villarejo for the false accusations made on the Catalan radio station RAC1,” the statement read.

Villarejo's allegations emerged in the context of an ongoing scandal at Barcelona, where the club faces charges related to alleged payments made to the former vice-president of Spanish football’s refereeing committee, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. While Barca has denied any wrongdoing, Villarejo's claims suggested that similar practices had occurred at Real Madrid. However, Real Madrid firmly denies these allegations and is taking legal action to defend the club's reputation, wasting no time in addressing any allegation made against them.

As Real Madrid prepares for their upcoming Champions League clash against Napoli at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, the focus remains on the football pitch. The club's quick response to the accusations reflects their commitment to maintaining integrity and addressing any challenges that arise, allowing the team to concentrate on their on-field performance.