Real Madrid is contemplating offering contract extensions to veteran midfielders Toni Kroos and Luka Modric this summer. The Athletic reports that despite both players' twilight years, Los Blancos are considering prolonging their stays at the Bernabeu Stadium.

Club's Evaluation and Decision

Initially, Kroos and Modric, who are combined 72 years old, were expected to depart from Real Madrid when their contracts expire on June 30. However, the club's success this season—clinching the La Liga title and advancing to the Champions League final—has prompted a reconsideration of their futures.

Despite being 39 years old, Luka Modric, who had seen a reduced role within the team, was anticipated to part ways with the Spanish giants. Conversely, Real Madrid is keen on retaining Toni Kroos, valuing his experience and performance at the highest level.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti expressed his desire for both players to stay, emphasizing the competitiveness and leadership they bring to the squad. He stated, “The club is not anxious, I'm not anxious, and Toni is not anxious. Our target is 1 June, and that is a secondary issue.”

Ancelotti elaborated on the situation, highlighting the importance of winning the Champions League. With the final against Borussia Dortmund approaching, Ancelotti emphasized the team's collective goal, asserting that contract negotiations can wait until after the tournament.

Impact on Real Madrid's Dynamics

Kroos and Modric have been instrumental in Real Madrid's success, contributing to multiple domestic and European triumphs. Their presence in the midfield provides stability and experience, guiding younger players and influencing the team's playing style.

Moreover, their leadership qualities extend beyond the pitch, with both players setting examples through their professionalism and work ethic. Ancelotti values their influence in the dressing room, recognizing their positive impact on team morale and cohesion.

Future Prospects

While Kroos and Modric's advancing age may raise questions about their long-term suitability, Ancelotti believes they still have much to offer. Their performances throughout the campaign have been commendable, demonstrating their enduring quality and commitment to the club's success.

Real Madrid aim to secure the Champions League title for the 15th time in the club's history. The final outcome against Borussia Dortmund will likely influence decisions regarding contract extensions for Kroos and Modric.

Real Madrid's consideration of contract extensions for Kroos and Modric reflects the club's recognition of their contributions and value to the team. As they prepare for the Champions League final, the focus remains on achieving success on the pitch. The outcome of the final will likely influence decisions regarding the future of these veteran midfielders. Regardless of the outcome, Kroos and Modric's legacies at Real Madrid are secure, with their contributions leaving a lasting impression on the club's history.