Rebel Wilson took to Instagram on Wednesday to update her fans on how she's doing after an on-set accident last week while filming her last scene of the independent action-comedy Bride Hard. Wilson, with a clearly bruised and injured nose, posted on her Instagram Story with the video message, “Hey everybody, what’s up? So I just wanted to say thank you for all your well wishes. I’ve actually been healing quite amazing,” she said before giving a close-up view of where her stitches had been.

“The stitches have dissolved out from my on set accident last week,” she continued. “I was shooting an independent movie in Savannah, Georgia.” Wilson then expanded on how the accident happened while on the set of the action-comedy Bride Hard.

“In the middle of a night shoot, my last scene of the movie, so I’d done all these kick-ass fight sequences and then just in the last one I got hit in the face with the butt of a gun,” she lamented. “So it was a complete accident and was such a shock. But luckily I’m healing very well, so I wanted to say thank you for everybody’s well wishes.”

The Pitch Perfect star noted that accidents can happen on the set of action movies, but stressed “I hopefully will be totally, totally fine,” and added that she's “all good so thanks everybody.”

Wilson revealed her injury last week in a picture posted on her Instagram Story, where her nose was quite a bit more bruised, bloodied and swollen.


The movie sounds like a play on Die Hard set at a wedding. It was allowed to film during the SAG-AFTRA strike because the production negotiated an interim agreement since it’s an independently produced film, though these interim deals are becoming increasingly controversial in the midst of the strike.

Regardless, it's good to see Rebel Wilson feeling more like herself and healing up quickly.