Red Bull Home Ground Kicks Off This Weekend

Experience elite esports action and thrill as Red Bull Home Ground kicks off this weekend in Tokyo's iconic arena.

Red Bull Home Ground Promo Flyer for VALORANT Invitational Tournament

As the autumn leaves adorn Tokyo's streets, the city's historic Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena prepares to host the globally anticipated VALORANT Invitational tournament, Red Bull Home Ground. The grandeur of the arena, paired with the intensity of the competition, sets the stage for an esports event of monumental scale.

Eight teams, handpicked for their prowess and performance, are ready to engage in a fierce battle on the virtual grounds. Among them, ZETA DIVISION, Cloud9, SCARZ, DRX, Fnatic, and the indomitable 100 Thieves have been granted direct access in recognition of their past achievements and potential. On the other side of the spectrum, FUT Esports and FENNEL have carved their way to the main stage, showcasing grit and determination in the grueling qualification rounds.

For fans and esports aficionados who can't physically be in the midst of the electrifying atmosphere of the Ryogoku Kokugikan, Red Bull Gaming ensures they don't miss out. Their official Twitch and YouTube channels provide live broadcasts, giving a virtual front-row seat to every strategic move and intense shootout. To sweeten the deal, Twitch viewers can earn themselves some VALORANT in-game exclusives. Simply by immersing themselves in the live action, fans can get their hands on a distinctive spray and player card, courtesy of Twitch Drops.

The venue itself is drenched in history and prestige. Red Bull Home Ground has an illustrious tradition of selecting iconic venues for its tournaments. Following a memorable showdown at Manchester's Victoria Warehouse in 2022, the choice of Ryogoku Kokugikan this year feels fitting. Established in 1985, the arena, synonymous with sumo wrestling, can house a roaring crowd of over 10,000. Beyond sumo, its legacy includes hosting myriad events, from musical extravaganzas to Olympic boxing matches.

Driving the narrative of this high-stakes competition are the seasoned hosts Iain Chambers and Adam Savage. Their dynamic presentation is enriched by the expert analysis from a stellar lineup of esports commentators: Tom ‘Tombizz' Bissmire, Mitch ‘MitchMan' McBride, Seth ‘Achilios' King, and Clinton ‘Paperthin' Bader. Ensuring that viewers receive a seamless and immersive experience is the astute producer, Sam Deans.

With the curtain rising today, November 3, 2023, the Group Stage sets the initial pace, adhering to the Swiss system. As the weekend progresses, the Playoffs will delineate the contenders from the champions, culminating in a grand finale.

Tournament Rundown:

  • Group Stage: November 3rd, 2023
    • Matches adopt the Swiss system with two best-of-one rounds.
    • Of the competing teams, six will prove their mettle and proceed to the Playoffs. The cream of the crop, the top two, will bypass the initial playoff rounds and secure their spots in the semi-finals.
  • Playoffs: November 4th – November 5th, 2023
    • A cutthroat single elimination format will decide the finalists.
    • While the initial matches will test teams in best-of-three bouts, the Grand Final promises an extended battle with a best-of-five showdown.

For those tuning in, Red Bull Home Ground, in collaboration with Twitch, has curated an engaging experience. Beyond the gameplay, an hour's dedication will be rewarded with unique VALORANT profile adornments.

This tournament's tech side sees a significant boost. AGON by AOC, the designated Monitor Partner for 2023, ensures every pixel and frame is perfect, furnishing competitors with elite gaming monitors.

For a comprehensive understanding of the tournament's progression, fixtures, and insights, enthusiasts are directed to the Red Bull Home Ground's official website. With the world's eyes set on Tokyo, this is an esports spectacle not to be missed.

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