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Red Sox owner Fenway Sports Group wants to buy NBA team after partnering with LeBron James

Red Sox, LeBron James, Fenway Sports Group

Fenway Sports Group, a parent company of the Boston Red Sox, has been in the sports news lately. The group is currently in talks to acquire the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL but may have their sights set on a different sport after their recent partnership with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

This would be big. The Fenway Sports Group already owns the Red Sox, a NASCAR team and Liverpool F.C.- while finalizing a deal for the Pittsburgh Penguins- but they want to add an NBA team to the shopping list.

The Utah Jazz is the most recent hoops franchise to hit the market at a $1.7 billion price tag. That would leave Henry with plenty of wiggle room. So how does LeBron James factor into all this?

Well, James and longtime friend Maverick Carter own stakes in Fenway Sports Group, while Red Sox owner Henry has invested in Spring Hill Group, a production firm co-founded by James and Carter. And boy is it turning out to be quite the investment for both sides.

When LeBron James isn’t busy dropping a casual triple-double or winning an NBA championship on the basketball court, he keeps himself occupied by dealing with business ventures. It’s good to be The King.