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Red Sox unveil radical new jerseys inspired by Boston Marathon, Patriots’ Day

Red Sox, Nike, Patriots' Day, Boston Marathon

The Boston Red Sox just unveiled their first jersey without any red in it, releasing new yellow-and-powder-blue uniforms as part of MLB’s collaboration with Nike. This is Nike’s first foray into the MLB alternate uniform game and is part of the City Connect series that will debut over the course of the 2021 season and beyond.

These Red Sox uniforms are inspired by the Boston Marathon and Patriots’ Day:

In addition to the radical colors for a Red Sox uniform, the jerseys feature a marathon bib patch with Fenway Park’s area code, 617, on the left sleeve.

The Red Sox are the first of seven teams to debut the City Connect series jersey this season, with April 17 and 18 marking the first time in game action. They will be followed by the Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. All 30 MLB teams are expected to have their own City Connect series uniform by the 2023 season.

Red Sox chief marketing officer Adam Grossman was initially hesitant about creating such a different look for the franchise, and he understands there will be plenty of people who don’t like it. But he still thinks this is a “bold” choice that makes sense.

Via ESPN’s Joon Lee:

“This was the one where we felt right from the get-go that this was the one, but it was also like, ‘This is a Red Sox jersey that doesn’t have red or anything on it,'” Grossman said. “We asked ourselves if we could do this and it felt like the time to do this. There’s never a better time than now. It pushes us as an organization, pushes baseball and I think the way we’re launching it, we thought it would allow us to get into different neighborhoods of Boston that are pushing culture in Boston, because that’s part of what this is reflective of.”

It will be interesting to see what these other jerseys look like and if they will be as non-traditional as these Red Sox ones.