The Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins are facing each other on Saturday for the first time after the Tyler Bertuzzi trade. And for Bertuzzi's friend, Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin, it's going to be an adjustment.

Bertuzzi and Larkin played together in Detroit for seven seasons. Through that time together, the two became close friends, as evidenced by Larkin's emotional reaction to the deal last week.

Larkin spoke to reporters ahead of the game, where he admitted things didn't feel quite right. “It’s gonna be a little bit weird,” the Red Wings captain said. “Really weird.”

Larkin revealed he and Bertuzzi remain in regular contact even though they no longer play together. The new Bruins forward was popular in the Red Wings dressing room before the trade.

Bertuzzi has already made an impact for the Bruins while playing on the third line. He had an assist in his debut as Boston took down the New York Rangers 4-1 at TD Garden.

Larkin said it's going to be “very different” lining up across from Bertuzzi and not next to him. However, the Red Wings captain is happy for his friend and what this opportunity means for him.

“He’s playing in Boston right now, and he will do really well. He’s gonna go on a run. I’m really happy for him in that sense,” Dylan Larkin said.

The Red Wings and Bruins play in Boston at 1 PM eastern time on Saturday. After that, the two teams will fly to Detroit for the return game of a home-and-home series on Sunday afternoon.