Redskins news: Washington football hinting at the team's new name
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Washington could possibly be hinting at the team’s new name on social media

Washington Daniel Snyder Name

The Washington Football Team is looking to usher in a new era in the franchise’s rich history. Several months have passed since the team began its search for a new moniker to take on. With the many options surfacing on social media, the club may have already narrowed down its potential choices to choose from.

Washington recently tweeted a quote from a fan saying how cool the Redwolves would be as the organization’s name:

The Redskins branding was used by the Washington-based team from 1933 until 2019. It was recently met with controversy as the term redskin was clamored to be derogatory and offensive to the Native Americans.

The renewed attention given to racial injustice after the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 may have prompted it all. A letter signed by 87 shareholders and investors was then sent to the team and NFL sponsors Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo which urged the companies to cut their ties with the team unless the name was changed.

The team answered back with an announcement in July 2020 that they would be retiring the name following a review. They promised that a new name and logo will be revealed at a later date. In the meantime, the team is being addressed as the ‘Washington Football Team’ until a new moniker and identity are finalized.

On the field, the team also saw little success in recent years. Washington tallied a 3-13 record to finish at the bottom place of the NFC East division last season. Despite having a tumultuous offseason, D.C. is looking to move on to greener pastures and aiming to ultimately end a 13-year postseason drought.