Redskins news: Washington releases statement on retiring name and logo
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Redskins release statement on retiring name and logo


The Washington Redskins have taken strides towards renaming their team and coming up with a new team logo. This came after much clamor from the fans that the team name is an insult to the Native American heritage. Several co-partners have also backed out of their support to the NFL team until the name and logo are changed.

The Washington Redskins posted their official statement on Twitter:

Following weeks of protests denouncing racism and promoting the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Washington Redskins took the first step towards change. The NFL team was the first professional sports organization to announce a name change. The influence has also stretched to other leagues as the Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians has also vowed to reexamine their team monicker.

Last month, a group of corporate investors wrote letters to major sponsors Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo encouraging pressure on the team to change their name. Nike also subsequently pulled out all Redskins-related merchandise off their website.

Recently, a statue of the team’s founder, George Preston Marshall has also been removed from the grounds of RFK Stadium. The removal came after the statue being spray-painted with the words “Change the Name”. The management of the stadium stated that the statue would not return and that its removal was long overdue. In the following week, the organization removed all entities bearing the name of Marshall from the team’s practice facilities and website.

The new team name and logo are still in deliberation and have not yet been revealed.