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Report: Durant interested in forming “Super Death Lineup” with Warriors

Last season, the Golden State Warriors boasted one of the most impressive lineups in the league. The combination of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Andre Iguodala, and Draymond Green proved to be the most efficient team during the regular season, with a 142.0 offensive rating and a 47.0 net rating.

What could possibly make that roster better? Perhaps a four-time scoring champion like Kevin Durant, who could possibly create one of the strongest five-man lineups in the history of the NBA.

These five players will be a major factor in the Warriors’ pitch to Durant, which is expected to happen after he speaks with the Thunder on Friday. The forward is reportedly intrigued by the idea of creating a “Super Death Lineup” that could turn the Warriors into an even more destructive powerhouse.

This comes after a report stating that a close friend of Durant’s revealed that there’s a 90 percent chance that he’ll return to the Thunder.

The Warriors hope that if Durant does sign with the team, they can use him to help recruit other players. His addition to this force-of-nature roster would potentially bring high-talent players for lower paychecks, with players willing to compromise in order to make their way onto a championship-winning team. At the top of the Warriors’ priorities would be solidifying a new starting center, with No. 1 overall pick Andrew Bogut most likely on his way out as a result of gaining Durant.

Durant is also expected to meet with the San Antonio Spurs, the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat.

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