Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon has offered fans a glimpse into the future of the beloved animated series, including what lies ahead for the enigmatic character Evil Morty, per Variety.

The Season 7 finale, titled “Fear No Mort,” departed from the show's typical grandiose finales, opting for a more introspective approach. Harmon describes the episode as providing closure to Rick's longstanding canonical storyline, marking the end of an era for the character.

Meanwhile, looking ahead to Season 8, Harmon and showrunner Scott Marder emphasize their intention to maintain the series' signature blend of serialized and episodic storytelling. While continuing to explore narrative-driven arcs such as Evil Morty, Space Beth, and Rick Prime, the team aims to deliver classic “Rick and Morty adventures” that fans have come to love.

Also, Harmon hints at the possibility of a “rebirth” for the series, suggesting that the resolution of certain canonical storylines presents an opportunity for new narrative directions. He explains that these storylines evolve organically, acquiring gravity and becoming integral parts of the show's serialized narrative.

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Regarding Evil Morty, Marder confirms that the character will remain a significant presence in future episodes. He teases the team's “grand designs” for Evil Morty, indicating that viewers can expect to see more of his Machiavellian schemes unfold in upcoming seasons.

Furthermore, the response to Season 7 has been overwhelmingly positive, with viewership tracking approximately 25% higher than the previous season within the first three weeks of its release on Max. This success underscores the enduring popularity and cultural impact of “Rick and Morty” as it continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, adventure, and existential themes.