ESPN's NBA guru Brian Windhorst is one of the most respected broadcasters in the game today. Nevertheless, in spite of his esteemed status and seemingly impeccable sources, even Windhorst himself makes mistakes sometimes. He fumbled the ball quite badly on Tuesday, though, after making some allegations about Houston Rockets head coach Stephen Silas crying his eyes out after a game this season. As it turns out, Windy absolutely missed the mark on that one.

For context, here is the exact excerpt from Windhorst's article that was published on ESPN's website on Tuesday:

“It was a rare bright spot in a first season that has been light on wins. Houston lost 18 of 19 games at one point and 11 straight games during another stretch. At one point, Silas broke down in tears after a game because he felt he couldn't reach his players. One of the team's then veterans, Eric Gordon, said in January ‘there's no improvement' when summing up the state of the Rockets — not ideal for a young player trying to find positivity in early struggles,” Windhorst wrote.

Apparently, there was no truth to Windhorst's statement about Silas tearing up after the game. In fairness to him, the ESPN analyst quickly owned up to his mistake by making a public apology on Twitter:

“I regretfully made a mistake in today's story about Stephen Silas breaking down in tears after a game this season. It was inaccurate, I confused details from an emotional news conference in 2021,” Windy wrote in his tweet.

There's no denying that the Rockets have had a bad season. As a matter of fact, they literally have the worst record in the entire Western Conference. However, despite their struggles, it has not come to a point wherein Stephen Silas had to go through an emotional breakdown.

All is well that ends well, I guess? Windhorst has since apologized for his mistake and he has removed the excerpt from the original article. Then again, journalists literally make a living out of reporting facts. Hopefully for Brian Windhorst, this massive error does not impact his career or his stellar reputation in a negative manner.