Rockets news: Daryl Morey didn't expect his Hong Kong tweet to set off an international incident
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Report: Rockets’ Daryl Morey didn’t expect his Hong Kong tweet to set off an international incident

Daryl Morey, Rockets

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has recently opened up about the controversy that he recently sparked. According to the high-ranking executive, he had no idea his tweet would end up causing an all-out conflict between China and the NBA.

As reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic, Morey himself was taken aback by how quickly things escalated.

According to sources, Morey did not expect his tweet to implode the way it did. He has returned to business for the Rockets, making two transaction moves last week in releasing former No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett and claiming forward Ray Spalding off waivers. The Rockets are also now dealing with an injury to key rotation player Gerald Green, who is feared to be sidelined a few months because of a broken left foot.

It’s great that Morey has gone back to work following what has become a very serious and peculiar situation. Charania writes that there is a general belief that things will eventually deescalate, and that both the Rockets organization and the NBA have no intention of disciplining Morey for his actions.

Multiple league front-office and ownership sources tell The Athletic that they believe Silver will be able to regain a foothold in the NBA-China relationship but fear irreparable losses for the Rockets in the indefinite future. The NBA and Rockets have supported Morey’s freedom of expression, and both decided not to discipline him.

Despite China’s very aggressive approach, the NBA has done an admirable job of remaining calm and not getting carried away by these unfortunate turn of events.

The pressure has been mounting to use Morey as a scapegoat, but as it turns out, the league is sticking to its principles, despite how this is looking like a huge financial blow for the NBA.