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Rockets’ Daryl Morey shares hilarious photo stealing ‘LeBron James’ parking spot while in LA

Rockets, Daryl Morey, Lakers, LeBron James

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has thrown the first jab to begin what he called as their team’s rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s not strong, but it’s a funny one.

It is unclear what Morey is doing in LA, and he probably really didn’t steal James’ parking space, but it’s hilarious that the Rockets executive is having a bit of fun during the offseason.

And why not? They just traded an aging Chris Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook, who’s still in his prime and is coming off his third consecutive season of averaging a triple-double. So he might be feeling extremely confident.

Moreover, he might not consider the Golden State Warriors as a rival anymore, considering the fact that they lost a lot of firepower during the offseason. However, Morey should realize that the Rockets have yet to beat those guys in the playoffs before shifting their focus to another team.

Well, the regular season is still a few months away. A lot of things can still happen between now and October, so while everyone can still breath easy, might as well have some fun, right? After all, things will be more intense once the championship hunt begins.

So Morey can have fun all he wants. If he’s pretty confident with what the Rockets can do next season, then let him be.

Hopefully, they don’t exit early in the playoffs next year. It would be a shame to lose in the postseason before meeting their so-called new rivals.