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Rockets’ Jalen Green gets faked out of his socks by one of his campers

Jalen Green, Rockets

While Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero must be feeling mad about getting taken to school by Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray at a pro-am game, at least he’s not getting taken to the woodshed by a literal kid just like Houston Rockets star Jalen Green, who got faked out of his socks by one of his campers.

Unlike Banchero vs. Murray, though, this one between Jalen Green and his camper was just adorable. Who knows, maybe Jalen Green really did that on purpose, but that’s just also a low-hanging fruit alibi that we will never buy.

Understandably, the whole camp exploded when the young legend embarrassed Jalen Green with a sleek move that would have even gotten other lazy NBA defenders if we were being honest here. Perhaps Green also just didn’t think the kid was already mature enough to have it in him to mix pure audacity and that particular basketball move together against a legitimate NBA player. If someone like Patrick Beverley got embarrassed like that by a human half his size and a third of his age, he would probably make it a mission to get back at him.

But seriously, this is nothing but pure fun for Jalen Green and the kids. Each of those youngsters now has a story to tell about that one day when they witnessed an NBA star go flying in the air because he couldn’t anticipate an elementary basketball move.

Green also has to continue working on his defense after a rookie season in which Houston opponents shoot 6.9 percent better when he’s on the floor.