NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is making the media rounds on Monday as the 2020-21 regular season draws closer. During a conference call, Silver touched on the ongoing rift between James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Harden has asked for a trade and arrived late to camp, though he has said that he's committed to the team and his fitness since showing up.

Silver expressed his hope that Harden and the Rockets will work things out in a professional manner and focus on playing good basketball:

“To the extent that a player is unhappy with his team or a team is unhappy with a player, it's always the league's strong view that those matters get handled behind closed doors,” Silver said. “The expectation is everyone is professional.”

Just minutes after this quote hit the internet, the disgruntled Rockets star posted this image on Instagram:

You can judge for yourself whether or not Harden posted this in response to Silver's comments or if it was just a big coincidence. Earlier in the day, Harden offered up a “no comment” when asked how he's feeling about the Rockets' situation now compared to before training camp.

In addition to this media conference call, Silver went on ESPN's “First Take” Monday and penned an op-ed for USA TODAY explaining why the NBA is returning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on. Silver touched on a variety of topics around the league as the season gets set to tip off on Tuesday night.

Harden and the Rockets will begin their 2020-21 regular season on Wednesday, in a matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Toyota Center. It seems pretty clear that The Beard still wants a trade, but Houston wants to find the right deal before pulling the trigger.