Newly signed Houston Rockets forward Kenneth Faried isn’t holding back when talking about his time with the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, Faried explained on Tuesday that he never got a straightforward answer on why he never received playing time.

He said the team delivered excuses. However, an honest answer was all Faried sought, and his inability to ever receive one doesn’t have him missing the time he spent with the Nets.

“It’s very frustrating. A lot of, ‘We’re going to play you when injuries,’ and a lot of, ‘We’re going to play you when in this moment, that moment,” Faried said.

“Just tell me when you’re going to play me or tell me if you don’t want to play me. Tell me if you want me here or not. Because I’m a real honest player, I’m going to give you my heart, give you my all. And I wear my emotions on sleeve. I’m not going to be happy if you keep lying to me and telling me false statements.”

After arriving in Brooklyn via trade last offseason, he only played in 12 games for a total of 118 minutes through. Following the buyout of his contract, he was picked up by the Rockets right away and is already having an impact with his new team. Faried put up 13 points on Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

In just his first game with the Rockets, he saw 23 minutes of time on the court — something that only happened twice in Brooklyn.

Faried expressed that the communication in Houston, particularly with Mike D’Antoni, is already a welcome change of pace.

“Mike told me right away to my face, ‘hey you’re not going to start right away, we’re going to have Nene start, but you’re going to play. So be ready to play. And you may play a lot of minutes because we need you out there.’ And I respected that because he told me the truth and kept it real. If he said, ‘hey, we don’t need you tonight, we want to get acclimated to the offense before we put you out there,’ I’d have understood that, too. I respect it either way.”

As the Rockets look to continue their climb towards the top of the West standings, the team surely found an energized and ready-to-play Faried to be just as refreshing as he finds them.