Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni always loves a good joke. He may even be one of the most sarcastic coaches in the NBA.

Before the team's trip to Utah to play the Jazz, an article came out in Sports Illustrated detailing his daily routine of having a coffee from Starbucks. But what he said about Utah in regards to that turned some heads, per Ryan McDonald of the Deseret News.

“I like Utah, but they don’t have a Starbucks,” D'Antoni said.

But Salt Lake City, where the Jazz play, does have one. In fact, it has several. It is a major city, you know.

When asked about this controversial comment, D'Antoni did some Grade A backpedaling.

“It wasn’t that they don’t have it,” D'Antoni said. “I’m not walking two blocks in this cold weather. I’m old. Can’t do it, but I did manage to get one.”

McDonald reported that D'Antoni asked “someone to get it for him” in the morning. Spoken like a true NBA elitist.

The good news? At least D'Antoni got his fix. Perhaps that's why the Rockets were able to play so well against the Jazz on Thursday.

It's possible that D'Antoni won't be making any sweeping comments like that any time soon. But it's doubtful.